About Us

MAY and Company is a dynamic full-service corporate law firm committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to businesses of all sizes. As a new player in the industry, we bring a fresh perspective, innovative approaches, and a passion for delivering exceptional client service. Our firm is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the complex Zambian legal landscape, enabling them to achieve their business goals with confidence.

Strong Team

We are a blend of youth and experience in the Zambian market. We combine innovation of youth and wisdom and tact that comes with experience. We are certainly a team that will remain relevant in the market for years to come.

Highly Regarded Partners

Our Partners are highly regarded in the Zambian market as being among the best in their practice areas.

Our Culture

At MAY and Company, we foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. We value open communication, diversity, integrity, a client-focused mindset and embrace The Spirit of Ubuntu.

Our Clients